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Getting started   Getting started
The first few steps to create an HTML image gallery with Arles.

Add titles to your images   Adding titles
One of the first things thing you probably want to do after creating a gallery is provide titles or a description for all your images. Arles comes with the built-in Arles Image Explorer which provides all kinds of image management tasks. One of which is editing titles.

Use cropping for better thumbnails  

Crop for better thumbnails
The traditional way to create thumbnails is by simply sizing down the full sized images. The problem with scaling down too much is that the details of the image get lost. To prevent this graphic designers use a combination of crop and resize. Arles does allow you to quickly set crop areas for many images in a very efficient way.

Image text annotations  

Image text annotations and watermarks
Adding text annotations to many images does not have to be hard. They don't have to look boring either. Arles allows you to create professional 3D watermarks, outlined text or text with drop shadows with one click of the mouse.


Advanced tutorials

Creating galleries of websites   Creating galleries of websites
Learn how to create a gallery of Internet websites.

Using thumbnail tags in Arles templates  

Using thumbnail tags in Arles templates
Most aspects of your image galleries can be customized in the Arles interface. For even more control you can use Arles templates. This tutorial will show you how to place thumbnails anywhere on the index page with thumbnail tags and how to specify custom sizes for thumbnails. We will create an irregularly shaped table gallery with one thumbnail that is larger than the default size and some custom text in two bottom cells.

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