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Add titles to your images

One of the first things thing you probably want to do after creating a gallery is provide titles or a description for all your images. Arles comes with the Arles Image Explorer which provides all kinds of image management tasks. One of which is editing titles.

Adding titles to your images

  1. In the Arles Image Explorer select any image by clicking on it.
  2. Enter your title in the Title 1 field on the Image Info panel. If the Image Info panel is not visible, click the Image Info button in the toolbar.

Tip You can use the Alt+Left and Alt+Right keys in the title area to browse through all images without taking your hands of the keyboard.

Adding titles in the Arles Image Explorer

Add image titles to a gallery

The titles defined in the Arles Image Explorer can be used in your image galleries by selecting "Image title1" or "Image title 2" on the Titles tab in the main window.

To use the Title 1 field as thumbnail title:

  1. In the main window select the Titles tab.
  2. Set the Thumbnail title to "Image title 1".
  3. Recreate your gallery by clicking the All or HTML button in the main window.

You can set the image page title the same way using the Image title drop down box.

Selecting the thumbnail title type

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